Kheehua Hung

Kheehua Hung - WHERE I LIVE

 I live in Pasir Ris town in Singapore. These few days (early Feb 2001) have been gloomy and raining. These are two views from my apartment flat (taken with Minolta Dimage EX1500.

Right hand view from balcony

Right hand view: Greenview Secondary School and surroundings view
from my balcony.
Left hand view from balcony
Left hand view: Pasir Ris Primary School and surroundings view
from my balcony.

How boring. So when there was a bit of sun, I pick up my Minolta gear and
took a walk through the empty wasteland towards Changi Beach.
On the way I see

Passion flowers on the ground

 Passion flowers on the ground.

Unknown plan with white flowers

Unknown plant with white flower.

Reaching Changi Beach, I walked around taking pictures.

Fishing at Changi Beach Park

Changi beach. Guy unwinding stress by fishing?

Boat in Changi River

A boat moving in Changi Creek Punting boat.

Boat coming in from Pulau Ubin (island off Changi)

Boat coming in to Changi point jetty from nearby Pulau Ubin island.
This place used to be very busy ferrying army personnel to Pulau Tekong
island but has quietened since the army built their own jetty 2 km

The sky started to darkened, so I went home. Next afternoon, I cycled to Pasir Ris Beach Park with my Minolta Riva Zoom 70W p&s. On the beach.

Hermit crab at pasir Ris park beach

Hermit crab with 1 large claw and 1 small claw.

Crows flying overhead

 Neck cricking view of flying crows. Taken at 28mm with Minolta Riva 75W. I was walking on the beach when I heard a noisy racket and looked up. The trees are about 20 feet high and they grow along the seaside beach.

Fishing at mouth of Tampines River which flowed into Pasir Ris park

Two rivers flow through Pasir Ris town (Tampines and Api Api) A popular past time is fishing in Tampines river.


Fishing hut at Pasir Ris Park beach

Someone built this fishing hut but it looked abandoned. 

That is my "Where I Live" story. Thanks for reading.